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The most asked ques­tion is, how are you able to trav­el so fre­quent­ly?

Most peo­ple equate trav­el­ing with being lucra­tive or hav­ing mon­ey. While you do need to have some mon­ey to fund your trip. You can use a few sim­ple tricks to get cheap flights to your next des­ti­na­tion.

I grad­u­at­ed uni­ver­si­ty with a degree in mar­ket­ing. In my junior year, I took an adver­tis­ing course. Dur­ing one of the pro­fes­sor’s lec­tures, he gave away a valu­able piece of infor­ma­tion dur­ing class: how to trav­el cheap­ly. These tac­tics along with my own research + expe­ri­ence have proven to be help­ful to me dur­ing my trav­els. So let’s get to it!

First things first,

Allo­cate your mon­ey dif­fer­ent­ly. You have to pri­or­i­tize trav­el­ing oth­er­wise, you lose sight of your goal; in this case, trav­el­ing. Instead of pur­chas­ing $600 dol­lar shoes, pur­chase a round trip tick­et across the coun­try. A trip from Los Angeles/Miami to Lon­don or Paris can be as cheap as $300-$440. If you’re a col­lege stu­dent, try allo­cat­ing some mon­ey from your refund check (If you can! I know the col­lege strug­gle is real). Buy­ing tons of mate­ri­al­is­tic pos­ses­sions and upgrad­ing your wardrobe can be tempt­ing, but you must decide which is more impor­tant.

If you’re a work­ing adult you can try mak­ing a trav­el jar where you put a few dol­lars in after every pay­check. Here are a few more ways to save or gigs you can take on to make extra cash.

Remem­ber, it’s all about oppor­tu­ni­ty cost: giv­ing up one thing to have some­thing else. So how bad do you want it?

Now for the fun part of getting cheap flights:

The most impor­tant part

Just how mar­keters tar­get you through email, in stores, through adver­tise­ments. They also tar­get you when buy­ing flights. Let me explain.

1. Mac vs PC

A per­son using a Mac to google flight rates will undoubt­ed­ly have a high­er fare rate than some­one using a P.C. The mar­keter assumes that because you have a MAC you have more mon­ey than your coun­ter­parts. As a result high­er flight rates! crazy right?

2. Location

Loca­tion is even more impor­tant. If you’re in a high-income neigh­bor­hood. The rates will be high­er than if you are in a low-income neigh­bor­hood. You can check out what is the aver­age income in your neigh­bor­hood and com­pare it to oth­er cities and states.Click here so that you can plan accord­ing­ly.

3. Seasonality

Book­ing your flight on days that peo­ple don’t usu­al­ly trav­el is when you can get a low rate. Accord­ing to, Fare­Com­pare “The best time to book a U.S. flight is usu­al­ly Tues­day at about 3 p.m. east­ern time. Many air­lines release week­ly air­fare sales in the ear­ly morn­ing hours of Tues­day, and by mid-after­noon, com­pet­ing air­lines have matched sale prices. In oth­er words, shop­pers now have the most deals to choose from.”

Also, don’t shop too ear­ly or too late. For U.S flights try to book a flight between 3 months and 30 days.

For inter­na­tion­al flights aim for 5 1/2 months to 1 1/2 months.

4. Utilize Google and Skyscanner

Google Flights and Sky­scan­ner will tell you where to go for the cheap­est prices and times.

If you hap­pen to have an idea of where you want to trav­el, you can see the price for every sin­gle day. Don’t stop there, com­pare air­lines. Look at Sky­scan­ner, Kayak, CheapOair and direct air­line sites. Set price alerts so you know when prices drop. Addi­tion­al­ly, you’ll be able to trav­el more if you are flexible.If you don’t have any oblig­a­tions– be open-mind­ed to dif­fer­ent dates, loca­tions, air­lines, and flight times– the ear­ly flights tend to be cheap­er. 


5. Think about booking one-way tickets and flying into and out of different cities.

Accord­ing to Insid­er, “Some­times, book­ing two one way tick­ets that arrive in and depart from dif­fer­ent cities can save you a lot of mon­ey. For exam­ple, let’s say you’re fly­ing from Chica­go to Düs­sel­dorf, Ger­many. Maybe you fly into Düs­sel­dorf but then fly back to Chica­go out of Cologne, since the two air­ports are only about a 45-minute dri­ve from each oth­er. So make sure to always research near­by air­ports.”



and there you have it, folks! The top five hacks to a cheap­er flight. I hope you found this infor­ma­tion use­ful and I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing each of you trav­el­ing this year. When you do, please tag #The­HeroIsWith­in so I can see your trav­el posts. If you have any more trav­el hacks please com­ment them down below to help even more peo­ple get to their dream des­ti­na­tion.



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