Hello, I’m Ronicha!

I’m deeply pas­sion­ate about health and skin­care and how they are deeply inter­wined. My desire is cen­tered around help­ing my clients feel seen and help­ing them achieve bal­ance in their skin and body. 


I take a whole body approach when assess­ing each clien­t’s spe­cif­ic needs, locat­ing their issues, and work­ing with them to restore opti­mal func­tion.

I spe­cial­ize in cor­rec­tive skin­care for those that suf­fer with acne, hyper­pig­men­ta­tion, and aging skin.


I pro­vide per­son­al­ized anti-aging tech­niques, organ­ic rit­u­als for the skin and body, ten­sion relief, facial­mas­sage, and devel­op­ing cus­tomized home-care reg­i­mens. 

Ulti­mate­ly, Air of Earth is a  place where you can come to tru­ly feel your best. 


A place where you can sur­ren­der from the stres­sors that weigh you down and paint an image you want to see for your­self. A holis­tic heal­ing oasis that will nour­ish and renew your skin, mind, and soul.

About Air of Earth

The Story: 

Wel­come to Air of Earth Aes­thet­ics. Found­ed by Ronicha Palmer.


 Air of Earth came into fruition through a  dream. A shaman came to me and drew two tri­an­gles, with hor­i­zon­tal lines through them on my palms. At the time, I did not know what these sym­bols meant, but upon wak­ing, I would find that the tri­an­gles were the ele­ments of air and earth.

From sci­ence, we know that ele­ments can­not be bro­ken down, because it is the sim­plest form of mat­ter.


 In essence,  ele­ments are the foun­da­tion of human life! There are five sym­bols that com­prise Earth: Air, earth, water, fire, and spir­it. Air is lit­er­al­ly a breath of life! Air is our pri­ma­ry nutri­ent and with­out it, we sim­ply can­not live. Breath has been known as a reflec­tion of the spir­it. Dif­fer­ent cul­tures call it dif­fer­ent things. The Chi­nese refer to it as “Qi” Ener­gy. Air also rep­re­sents a sense of light­heart­ed­ness and play­ful­ness.


On the oth­er hand, earth is how we sus­tain our­selves. Whether that be on a cel­lu­lar lev­el with veg­eta­bles and fruit or our abil­i­ty to con­nect and give to oth­ers. 

The tri­an­gles rep­re­sent strength and most impor­tant­ly bal­ance! Any weight placed on them is even­ly dis­trib­uted between all three sides. 

The Goal

Ulti­mate­ly, in my prac­tice, my goal is to con­vey how imper­a­tive bal­ance is in all areas of our lives.

A bal­anced skin care reg­i­men using essen­tial plant ele­ments and com­bin­ing them with clin­i­cal ingre­di­ents will trans­form and nur­ture the skin. How­ev­er, we can not address any sur­face-lev­el issues with­out look­ing inter­nal­ly, our faces are a direct reflec­tion of our health. Inte­grat­ing the two allows for opti­mal results, not only will your skin trans­form but your over­all well­ness will too. 


 Air of Earth Aes­thet­ics is your Alche­my to over­all well­ness.


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