Skincare & BodyCare Empties: What I’ve been using

Skincare & BodyCare Empties: What I’ve been using

In this post, I will be doing a review of skin­care and body care prod­ucts that I recent­ly used in Octo­ber and Novem­ber.



Will not repurchase

The Ordi­nary Hyaluron­ic acid:

The pur­pose of this serum is to offer opti­mal hydra­tion into the skin. Hyaluron­ic acid can hold up to 1000x its water weight and the com­bi­na­tion of B5 aids in sur­face hydra­tion. The serum is scent­less and has a run­ny tex­ture.

I was not a big fan of this serum or oth­er hyaluron­ic acid serums that I have used because I did not notice an increase in my skin hydra­tion. Also, liv­ing in noto­ri­ous­ly dry Vegas, it’s not ide­al to apply this serum because there is no humid­i­ty to acti­vate it. I also tried apply­ing after I show­ered to for the appear­ance of humid­i­ty and received the same results…no hydra­tion. This prod­uct is not true to its pur­pose; there­fore, I will not pur­chase it again.

Where to get it: Ama­zon, Ulta, Ordi­nary



The Ordinary Niacinamide serum

This serum is sup­posed to reduce the appear­ance of pores, reduce break­outs, and bright­en skin.  I have tried oth­er niaci­namide serums that showed a dif­fer­ence in bright­ness; how­ev­er, this prod­uct was a total fail! There was no scent to this prod­uct and the tex­ture was vis­cous.


Where to get it: Ama­zon, Ulta, Ordi­nary


My favorites Will repurchase

Paulas Choice 2% BHA liq­uid

I love love love this prod­uct! It con­tains 2% Sal­i­cylic acid which helps to decon­gest the pores and bright­en the skin. All the rave of this prod­uct is true! This prod­uct is a “must-have” in your life. It is my sec­ond time pur­chas­ing it and it will not be my last. I will say this is suit­able for those with oily, com­bi­na­tion, hyper-pig­ment­ed skin, and acne-prone skin.

Where to get it: Ama­zon, Paulas Choice

Black Girl Sun­screen-


I wrote a detailed review of this prod­uct on my Insta­gram. Sun expo­sure exac­er­bates hyper-pig­men­ta­tion and acne marks– sun­screen helps pro­tect against those con­cerns. I opt­ed to try Black Girl Sun­screen because it promised no white cast and it was not laden with the tox­ic ingre­di­ents of most com­mon­ly used sun­screens. The tex­ture is milky white but glides on seam­less­ly leav­ing the skin with a nice dewy glow with­out any white cast. The tube last­ed me 3.5 months, which is awe­some for the price point. I feel like those with nor­mal to dry skin will tru­ly enjoy this sun­screen because of the dewi­ness it leaves behind.

Where to get it: Black­girl sun­screen, Blk + Grn

Paulas Choice 10% Azeal­ic Acid-

I have been doing a lot of research on this awe­some ingre­di­ent. It promis­es to light­en post inflam­ma­to­ry hyper-pig­men­ta­tion, improve tex­ture issues, calm red­ness, and improve the over­all look of uneven skin. I real­ly liked this boost­er, I got the tri­al size which last­ed a month result­ing with my skin being more lumi­nous and the tex­ture more smooth. I will def­i­nite­ly pur­chase a larg­er size of this prod­uct.

Where to get it: Ama­zon, Paulas Choice

Lone Deodor­ant-

This is also a deodor­ant I talked about on my Insta­gram and under my deodor­ant blog post. This is a nat­ur­al deodor­ant that keeps its promise of keep­ing you odor-free all day long. It has a laven­der scent the tex­ture is light and creamy. Once applied, it absorbs into the armpits. It does­n’t leave behind a residue or stain your clothes like oth­er deodor­ants. A DEFINITE REPURCHASE!

Where to get it: Ama­zon   Lone deodor­ant 

Rose­Wa­ter and Glyc­erin-

This is a hydrat­ing mist com­bined with rose water and glyc­erin. This spray is a humec­tant that draws mois­ture into the skin. I find this to be very suit­able for my skin. It makes it plump and boun­cy. I loveeeeee this stuff and used it in the past but now it has resurged back into my skin­care arse­nal and I will not be with­out it. Every­one could ben­e­fit from this hydrat­ing ton­er. I use it to spritz in-between steps in my skin­care rou­tine

Where to get it: Ama­zon

Nat­ur­al Mois­tur­iz­ing Fac­tors + HA

I have a love/ hate rela­tion­ship with this prod­uct. I like that this mois­tur­iz­er has skin-lov­ing ingre­di­ents like amino acids, fat­ty acids, triglyc­erides, urea, ceramides, phos­pho­lipids, glyc­erin. These ingre­di­ents help strength­en the bar­ri­er func­tion of your skin. Although I feel like my skin is being strength­ened, I dis­like that it does­n’t seem to pro­vide any real hydra­tion. The for­mu­la is thick, but I don’t find spread­abil­i­ty to be a prob­lem. Once absorbed, it leaves behind a mat­te fin­ish. I think my oily girls will love this! I may or may not repur­chase this prod­uct.

Where to get it: Ama­zon, Ordi­nary

Dr. Mon­i­cas Cleopa­tra body oil-

I have a men­tor here in Vegas who has her own aro­mather­a­py line. She makes some of the MOST bomb par­fums and body oils! This oil is light­weight and eas­i­ly absorbs into the skin. It has plume­ria and jas­mine oils. This scent, in par­tic­u­lar, is an aphro­disi­ac and will get your bae in the mood!

Where to get it: Dr. Mon­i­ca’s

Kor­res Body­Wash-

I love going to TJ Maxx and Mar­shal­l’s for some beau­ty items. So when I saw the pack­ag­ing of this Kor­res Wash, it imme­di­ate­ly caught my eye. I could tell it was pret­ty expen­sive; how­ev­er, in TJ Maxx it was only $7.  I love how this body wash is for­mu­lat­ed with a lot of hydrat­ing ingre­di­ents. When, I took a bath I FELL in love with it! Every­thing from the invit­ing scent to how it caressed my skin was just won­der­ful. The tex­ture is gel-like and when you rub it on your skin it feels pil­lowy soft. I real­ly do love this body wash and will buy it again if I come across it at TJ Maxx or Mar­shalls because I do not plan to spend $23 on a body wash unless it has actives.

Where to get it: Ama­zon  Kor­res



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Christina Renae
Christina Renae
9 months ago

Oooo, going to TJ Maxx to find that body wash! 😁 thanks for shar­ing.

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